case study: Rotateq

rebranding Rotateq for a perfect fit

differentiation through an emotional brand story

Having a newborn with rotavirus is scary for any mum. But when there are two products on the market, how does a paediatrician choose? By branding. From projective techniques to brand personification begged for an emotional brand story that any audience could relate to. This award-winning campaign went global. And won gold.

“There are some creative players that come along and make an impact. Daljit is that kind of partner. Merck needed a breakthrough campaign for a rotavirus vaccine (RoteTeq), I needed a creative partner that could work with me to get an organization like Merck to create a radical change in how we stand out from the sea of status quo communications. Daljit delivered, and started a new wave of vaccine storytelling at Merck. ProQuad and Vaqta followed.

Daljit’s creative and drive may not be for the faint of heart, but if you have the constitution to take the ride, I can promise its worth the price.”

–Martin Kovach Global Creative Director Merck & Co., Inc.